City of Saint John the First Municipality in Atlantic Canada to Adopt Wood Mid-Rise Construction

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City of Saint John the First Municipality in Atlantic Canada to Adopt Wood Mid-Rise Construction
5- and 6-storey wood construction increases options for design and construction community

OTTAWA, Thursday, March 9th, 2017 – The Canadian Wood Council (CWC), along with Atlantic Wood WORKS!, congratulates the City of Saint John on its decision to adopt the 2015 National Building Code provisions to allow wood mid-rise (5- and 6-storey) construction. Joining the list of other jurisdictions such as Québec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, Saint John is the first Atlantic Canada city to make the decision to provide builders with a new construction choice for taller mid-rise buildings that should also increase affordability.

“Mid-rise code changes are the result of a lengthy, carefully considered code process that included participation from expert stakeholders and consultants,” explained Michael Giroux, President of the Canadian Wood Council. “The CWC applauds the City of Saint John’s mid-rise decision, which will create access to safe, strong and sophisticated building solutions.”

Wood buildings are safe! The National Building Code requires all buildings to achieve the same level of structural performance and safety, regardless of the materials used in construction. “It’s encouraging to see that wood-use in mid-rise adoption is being replicated throughout jurisdictions in Canada who are recognizing its sustainable, economic, and safety benefits,” says Etienne Lalonde, VP Market Development for the CWC and  Wood WORKS! National Director. “To date, 80 wood mid-rise projects have been completed, and another 75 are under construction in Canada – a testament to the success of this construction option being recognized by the individuals who specify building materials for projects.”

Six-storey wood buildings provide a lower cost construction option to the regional design and construction industry, while promoting sustainable construction practises and mobilize local labor forces. “It is encouraging to see a city within the province of New Brunswick taking action to facilitate a progressive development landscape,” says Patrick Crabbe, project coordinator for Atlantic Wood WORKS!. “It’s great to see the city of Saint John pave the way for the wood mid-rise opportunity in New Brunswick. The Atlantic Wood WORKS! program looks forward to working with the regional development community and the city to ensure a smooth execution of this building option.”

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